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1-week STEAM courses
Dec - Feb
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1-week STEAM courses
Mar 29 - Apr 2, Apr 5 - 9, and Apr 26 - 30
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2-week theme experiences
Jun 7 - Aug 27
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Prepare kids
for tomorrow
by igniting
curiosity today.

With the fundamentals
of STEAM learning


Ignite curiosity
in science

Develop creative

Cultivate independent thinking

Prepare kids
for the future

NEW! STEAM Starter-kits for kids

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The Skyrock Secret Sauce

Give kids an education
they'll never forget.

Skyrock develops educational experiences and curriculums that are designed to inspire and educate kids in ways they've never imagined.


Skyrock on-campus makerspaces help students to learn through hands-on collaborative experiences while being guide by international STEAM experts.

"Skyrock's on-campus makerspaces are truly amazing! Our kids never want to leave."

- Kevin Wang | Parent

Promotes collaboration.

Skyrock makerspaces foster real collaboration and peer-t0-peer interaction that is often missing in schools.

Encourages creation.

All the tools and materials kids need to explore creativity is available and ready-to-use in all Skyrock on-campus makerspaces.


Trained engineers, artists, and biochemists—Skyrock teachers are graduates from top international schools.

""I love when my son shares fun facts about space or vaccines that they've learned from teachers at Skyrock!"

- Jamie Wu | Parent

Fluent internationals.

All Skyrock teachers have  international teaching experience are 100% fluent in English.

STEAM majors.

Skyrock teachers are hand-picked STEAM experts that are passionate, curious, and up-to-date with the latest in science and innovation.


Skyrock workbooks are designed and created by our team to be a best-in-class learning tools.

"Skyrock's workbooks help me see my child's progress and learning accumulation."

- Grace Wang | Parent

ESL Booster.

Workbooks are filled with amazing activities that activities that prepare students with the language of science and innovation.

Leaning window.

Skyrock workbook allow
parents to see what their kids are working on, so they can and engage and help kids reflect and absorb lessons.


Skyrock STEAM project kits give kids everything they need for in-class projects, and are reusable. And kids keep them!

"I was so impressed with the level of thought put into the design of Skyrock project kits."

- Sarah Simons | Parent

Time saving.

Project kits ensure kids don't waste time on repetitive activities such as cutting, drawing, and coloring.


Kids keep their project kids, so they can remix and invent whatever their minds can imagine!


Skyrock's professionally produced educational video content helps kids understand and embrace the mission.

"My kids love watching Skyrock lesson videos even when not in class!"

- Jenny Piers | Parent

On Track

Skyrock videos help kids stay on track and provide a powerful way to review in-class lesson content.

ESL friendly

Skyrock videos are ESL friendly. 100% in English with subtitles to help kids improve language skills, and comprehend lessons.


Skyrock themes are a real-world application to topics that align with educational standards from their science classes at school.

"My kids could not stop talking about their Mars and Ocean theme camps."

- Steve Mohan | Parent

Deeper connections.

Theme-based learning supports an integrated learning process that helps kids advance futher.

Meaningful learning.

Themes create a context for kids to see the meaningful application of learned skills in real-world scenarios.

Parents & Kids love skyrock

Creative & tech savvy teachers

Learn from the best in Taiwan

Our teachers are STEAM specialists and experts in teaching internationalized, next-generation science standard aligned STEAM curriculums. Meet a few of our 20+ teachers:

Jamie Mccaffrey

Director of SteamBox development at Skyrock with a background in mechanical design, product development and manufacturing.

Tony Cornes

7 years teaching Biology as part of the IB Diploma at both standard and higher level with over 5 years as a Senior Examiner.

Simon Thomas

Architecture and Structural Engineering at University of Leeds. Masters in Education University of Bristol.

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Parents love STEAM camps because they help kids:

  • Develop lifelong skills
  • Improve collaboration
  • Boost future competence

Kids love STEAM camps because they get to:

  • Make new friends
  • Play with fun projects
  • Experiment with science

Taiwan's #1 STEAM educators

STEAM Learning

“Skyrock is on a mission to discover, nurture, and unleash the next generation of game changing inventors. We’re delighted to launch our new lIVE online STEAM Summer Camps as a way of achieving this.

Our design team is made up of international educators with more than 20 years of teaching experience and engineering graduates with a minimum of 3 years STEAM teaching at Skyrock schools across Taiwan. We hope you join us on this exciting educational journey!

~Simon Thomas, CEO

Learn from the best.
Skyrock teachers are top-tier educators in Taiwan, STEAM specialists, and creative pioneers.

Trusted by Silicon Valley tech executives

"Jayden and Ethan moved to Taiwan from San Francisco only a year ago. Skyrock was influential in developing their curiosity and exposing them to new ways of thinking—giving them the eagerness to call Taiwan their new, friendly home."

- Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube

"Since my kids go to all Chinese language schools during the days, we really love Skyrock Projects for clubs and camps because the kids can learn new skills (inventing, designing, robotics, coding) all in English with similar aged kids."

- Susan Wu, Tech Entrepreneur and VC

Parents & Kids love skyrock

Discover the learning kids crave

Parents love Skyrock courses and camps because they help kids boost creative confidence and build future skills. Kids love Skyrock because they get to make amazing things, collaborate with friends, and experiment with technology.

Little Projects,
Big Learning.


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