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Summer camps for English speakers and ESL learners!

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Parents of kids who have attended international schools and have near-fluent English speaking, reading and listening skills should enroll in our advanced English camps. These camps feature smaller class sizes and more advanced STEAM curriculums.


Dazhi, Xinyi Anhe, Tianmu, Hsinchu

Class Size
8 students

One Teacher

1 Week


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Parents whose kids are studying and or are proficient with English but still need assistance should enroll in our new ESL friendly camps. These camps feature a STEAM teacher with a bi-lingual teaching assistant.


Daan, Neihu, Guangfu, Renai, Taida, Xindian

Class Size
14 students

1 Teacher
1 Assistant

1 Week


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Welcome to Summer Camp

Skyrock summer camps have been proven to transform kids capacity for learning and creativity at the fundamental level and beyond. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) activities designed by Skyrock provide kids with the opportunities they need to creatively engage in authentic problem-solving activities that prepare them for the future.

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Learn the fundamentals of engineering!

At Skyrock all kids start with the fundamentals of science and technology—coding, robotics, and hands-on STEAM—then progresses to more advanced applications courses that immerse students in exciting real-life themes.

Hands-on STEAM

  • Enhances critical thinking
  • Develops collaboration skills
  • Prepares for advanced learning
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Coding & Robotics

  • develops perseverance mindset
  • Encourages curiosity & creativity
  • Improves future development
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Why parents say were #1

"ESL learner

"We've seen our child's English improve dramatically over our last 3 years at Skyrock projects camps"
- Terry Lee | Parent

curriculum Experts"

"The program is amazing and I feel very proud to have my kids attend classes built by such an amazing group of academics"
- Tim Xi | Parent

"Hands-on Projects
that kids love"

"I've seen a dramatic increase in my child's ability to be creative and build things on her own!"
- Jamie Wu | Parent

"Exciting theme

"My Kids loved how much fun they had learning about Mars and space-themed tech projects"
- Ethan Chang | Parent

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Hands-on projects that link to science and math academic standards.

Build an electric BubbleBot!
Design and code a video game!
Build and code a robot!
Create a exciting Cranky Fish!
Build a MicroBit Car!
Construct a Scissor Lift!

Math and science teachers on a mission to prepare kids for the future.

As math and science teachers, we teamed up with mechanical and electrical engineers to design educational programs that will ignite and nurture a lifelong curiosity for science and math in kids.

We do this because too many kids disengage with science and math early, which makes studying these subjects a struggle—becoming a bigger problem to solve later. We believe that if we can boost curiosity in science and math in elementary school, then we can improve academic capability in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Kids get started by completing their Certificate of Next Generation Engineering that covers hands-on invention, coding, and robotics. This is followed by a Certificate of Next Generation Applied Science, which is a 75-hour program completed over 2 semesters and a winter camp that covers problem-solving around space, the ocean, and the rainforest.

Engineering and applied science are the things we believe bring the theoretical to life and help kids imagine a future that’s radically improved through technological innovation.

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

1 > Visit the program page that's right for your child:
a. Skyrock STEAM for Advanced EN: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2-4, Grades 5-6
b. Atomic STEAM for intermediate EN: Grade 1, Grade 2-3, Grades 4-6
2 > Select the week, location, and date that's right for you.
3 > Use our online checkout system to reserve by paying a 50% deposit.

What are the payment terms?

1 > Reserve by paying a 50% deposit using our online checkout system.
2 > Pay the remaining balance 30-45 days before the camps begins.

What happens if the Covid-19 situation worsens and the classes cannot run in-person due to lockdown?

In the event of lockdown, Skyrock will provide the class online and the deposit can be used against the cost of the online program. For those customers who do not wish to attend the online camp, their deposit can be kept in Skyrock credit for use against a future Skyrock class or camp.

Does my child need any coding experience to attend?

No, all Skyrock students begin their STEAM learning journey by studying the fundamentals first. We provide the devices on site.

Is Skyrock a school or a program?

Skyrock is a STEAM learning program, we are not a school. We design our own curriculum materials. We train our own teachers as well as other teachers at our partner site to teach our program. Additionally, we help schools set up and maintain maker classrooms for teaching our program.