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Discovery, exploration, creative problem solving, and STEAM.

Our Mission

As teachers of mathematics and science in the United Kingdom and Taiwan for many years, we have discovered that the school's education methods that focus on textbooks, examinations and theory are stifling the curiosity of children. Let children give full play to their creative potential in an environment where they use both hands and brains to lay a solid foundation for adapting to the challenges of the 21st century.

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“Skyrock is an experiential learning space that teaches STEAM through practice, and stimulates genius and imagination through personal creation.”

Sky-High Standards

While skills, concepts, and focuses vary between k2 to 7+ grade levels, our curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): K–12 science content standards standardizing expectations for what students should know and be able to do. The NGSS were developed by states to improve science education for all students.

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Linkou Campus Opens in July

Book summer camps for Skyrock Linkou today: visit our Linkou Campus page to check out our summer schedule and meet Sandy, our Linkou Community Manager.

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Expand your camp offerings with a specialized STEAM program through Skyrock STEAM boxes™.

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Skyrock Campuses


Skyrock partners with progressive bilingual or immersive English schools looking to expand student engagement beyond passive learning, testing, and homework.

Some of our past and current partners include: 
Kaohsiung American School
Hsinchu Pacific American School
Taichung Ming-der Bilingual School
Taipei American School
Taipei European School
Tree House Academy
Creative Hearts International Academy

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