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After school & weekend courses that unleash your kid’s tech superpowers
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How do I sign up?

After you fill out the form above, we will be in touch to answer any questions and/or to complete enrollment. We can also help to organise a branch visit, where you can check out one of our many maker spaces, and chat with our teachers. From there, we’ll help  pick the program and date that is right for you and your kid. Payment can be made online or in person; you may also pay a 50% deposit to reserve the space.

How many students will be in a class?

Skyrock maintains a ratio of 7 kids for one teacher. If there are more than 7 kids in a class, we include additional teacher's assistant.

Do you have classes in English & Chinese?

Our classes are all taught in English. Chinese speaking or bilingual teachers are available for private tutoring or custom group bookings.

How do I decide the level that my child gets started on?

Skyrock designs and creates a curriculum for each course and each grade level in the course. For each course, kids will enroll in the grade level they are currently in for school.