Hands-on projects
for inspiring kids
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With over 5 hours of projects in every box, SteamBox makes learning at home fun & educational.

Perfect for kids grades K2 - 6.

BuzzBot SteamBox

For kids grades 1 - 6

Learn about electrical circuits and conductive materials!

We’re going to learn all about conductivity and completing circuits! What is conductive? What’s not? What is a circuit?

Get ready to build two games that teach you all about circuits! Put together Buzz Bot, help him remove all his extra gears without setting off the alarm! Then flex your dexterity with a Buzz Wire game of your own design!

Projects include: 

  • Buzz Wire
  • Buzz Bot

Glowing LED Lantern SteamBox

For kids grades 1 - 6

Learn about different light sources and making switches.

Have you ever wondered what is light? Thanks to light, we can see and we can see in color! But light comes from many different sources. In this STEAM Box™️, you learn about both natural and artificial light sources. You will wire up a circuit and design your own crystal lantern. Learn about RGB color-mixing LED and explore the physics of color!

Projects include: 

  • Flashlight
  • LED Lantern

Animation SteamBox

For kids grades 1 - 6

Learn about different animation machines and the power of optical illusions.

Make pictures look like they’re moving! Explore different ways to bring pictures to life! In this STEAM Box, you’ll make a Zoetrope, a Flipbook cartoon, Thaumatrope, and a Phenakistoscope. Each is a form of animation.

You'll bring pictures to life by spinning, flipping, and whirling the projects you make. We’ve provided  examples and blank one's for you to create all on your own!

Projects include: 

  • Thaumatrope
  • Flipbook
  • Phenakistoscope
  • Zoetrope

About Skyrock SteamBox

Designed and created by top STEAM specialists in Taiwan.


Top-notch STEAM projects from Skyrock's award-winning curriculum means kids aren't only having fun, they're learning too!


SteamBox projects get kids excited to learn and create with their hands. Less screen time means a healthier balance throughout kids days.

Tested & Perfected

SteamBox has been used by international schools throughout Taiwan to run camps and course that parents and kids love.