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2-Week LIVE Online STEAM Camp

For kids ages 9+

This program uses our SteamBox materials, components, and printed workbooks as a base. With one new invention being built per day, this is the perfect introduction to design, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Teachers discuss the engineering process with kids and provide guidance with LIVE online classes over zoom.

Camp Starts

July 5

First course begins July 5, with additional courses starting as enrollment fills.


2 weeks

3 hours / day
30 hours over 2 weeks
Monday - Friday



Kids will learn and complete Science, Engineering and Invention projects.

This camp is for

Kids ages 9+

Suitable for kids with or without previous STEAM experience.

A Hands-on STEAM camp for kids at home.

2 weeks of science and invention sent to kids in one big box

Top-notch STEAM specialists guide kids through this immersive 2-week STEAM camp. Using actual materials we send in a box, workbooks, and LIVE online teaching, kids will build amazing projects, have fun, expand their skills and have an unforgettable summer learning experience.

Lesson 1:
Simple Machines

Kids will make a Rubber Band Speeder and Motor Speeder learning about wheels and axles, gears, and how they all work together!

Lesson 2:
Electrical Circuits

Kids will make a Buzz Wire and a Buzz Bot learning about series circuits, parallel circuits, and why they work the way they do!

Lesson 3:
Fluid Mechanics

Kids will make an Scissor Lift and a Pressure Rocket learning about fluids and pressure and why these are important in the world of mechanics!

Lesson 4:

Kids will make an automaton and a Disco Flipbook learning about cams and movement and how these can result in animation when done right!

Lesson 5:
Artificial Light

Kids will make a Cranky Fish and a LED Lantern learning about artificial light, types of energy and why they make an important team!

Way beyond the average online course

Hands-on projects. Top-notch teachers

Skyrock is one of the few STEM education platforms in world teaching the way we do—through hands-on experiential projects guided by STEM graduate teachers who are experts in their field.

Ready to get started?

Skyrock Summer Camp

For kids ages 9+

  • 10 Hands-on projects
    Completed in 2 weeks. All materials provided and ready for kids to use and start building.
  • Exciting illustrated workbooks
    Kids read and complete off-line assignments and projects on their own, at their own pace.
  • Live teachers
    Students meet with real teachers LIVE online each day for guidance kids through projects and assignments.
  • Detailed project videos
    Engaging and easy for kids to learn and watch at their own pace, any time they need.
  • Easy-to-use online platform
    Built by top educators, making learning online fun and intuitive for kids at home.
  • Daily Digital quizzes
    Ensuring kids absorb and retain skills allowing them to advance and to higher level courses.

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Boost kids science and invention skills through playful learning

Develop skills now, for the future

Skyrock's online summer camps are fun and engaging learning experiences that help kids build skills and competence needed for future opportunities.

Machines and forces

Students learn about the tools that make work easier, and the fundamentals of mechanical designs.

Circuits, polarity, and switches

Design electrical circuits and engage with electronic components to create projects that buzz, move, or light up.

Pneumatics and hydraulics

Students learn about material science and how fluids react under pressure.

Illusions of movement, size, and speed

Students master the art of optical illusions and how to trick your eyes and brain.

Light and Power

With mirrors and lenses, students will learn about the properties of light and how lenses and mirrors bend light.

The Design Process

Students will dive into the design process of an inventor, and learn how to convert their project into something new or to solve a challenge.

Daily online + offline learning activities

Kids follow a simple daily schedule

Each day kids will complete 2.5 - 3 hours of camp activities that include LIVE teacher guidance, hands-on projects, and in-person materials.

Taiwan's #1 STEAM educators


“Skyrock is on a mission to discover, nurture, and unleash the next generation of game changing inventors in the world. Today we’re here to introduce you to live and online STEAM Summer Camp.

Hands on STEAM learning is perfect for learning independently at home since the kids get to work in 3D with physical things instead of just working with 2D pixels and pages. Kids can build knowledge by making and experimenting instead of just listening and watching. However, it’s also the most challenging. It requires a lot of material preparation, some basic tools, and support with troubleshooting small problems. To overcome this, our team of designers, engineers, and educators have reimagined digital learning.

An incredible online classroom. Easy-to-use & Intuitive for kids.

Online classes with offline activities

Our online platform makes learning easy and exciting for kids. With an interface designed to be intuitive and simple for kids, and offline activities to ensure kids use their hands as well.

Kid-friendly interface is simple & easy-to-use

With big buttons and intuitive next steps, our course platform is a breeze for kids to navigate on their own throughout the entire camp.

Engaging videos keep kids on-task and on-time

Students always know what to do next with our structured video content flow. With checkpoints and LIVE teacher sessions in place to make sure that every student is up to speed and fully engaged.

Online meets offline using REAL project materials

Skyrock online camps are unique because kids use actual materials, provided by Skyrock in a box. Kids do more than follow along online, they build things!

Everything kids need. Sent in a box.

Our online camps include everything kids need to complete projects—sent in one big box. Using actual materials combined with LIVE online teaching is what makes Skyrock Online Camps loved by parents & kids.

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Join Taiwan's #1 online summer STEAM camp

Parents & kids love Skyrock

Parents love Skyrock courses and camps because they help kids boost creative confidence and build future skills. Kids love Skyrock because they get to make amazing things, collaborate with friends, and experiment with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

For new Skyrockers, or Skyrockers who would like to process a payment: 
1. Click any "Enroll Now" button, or click here to enroll-- you'll see a schedule of our camps.
2. Select the summer camp or super summer camp appropriate for your kid's age group.
3. Select the weeks/dates and AM or PM session you'd like to book.
4. Click on the time slot.
5. Sign up for a Simplybook account; when your account is created, it will bring you back to the cart, where you can select a payment method and proceed to checkout.

For Skyrockers who would like to process their Skyrock credit: 
Please fill out and submit the credit request form here. If you'd like to take a look at our schedule beforehand so you can select the dates + weeks you'd like to book a camp, click any "Enroll Now" button or click here.

Which materials or items does my kid need to attend? 

They will need a device to access the online lessons (tablet, computer or phone), batteries and basic stationery including: Pencils, Eraser, Ruler, Scissors, and Colors. Markers and Glue stick would be helpful for their extended challenge projects.

4–6 year olds:
Students need basic stationery: Pencils, coloring pencils or crayons, erasers, scissors, tape, and a glue stick. A hole punch would be very helpful, but not necessary.  

Are classes LIVE? Do kids need to log in at specific times? 

Daily sessions have Zoom check-ins hosted by a live instructor. Kids should log-in between 9am-12pm for morning session and 1pm-4pm for afternoon session.There are times for independent course taking and hands-on making, and also scheduled live sessions with the teacher and rest of the class.

For our daily schedule, scroll to our "Kids Follow A Simple Daily Schedule" section.

4-6 year olds:
There will be a 10–15-minute homeroom check-in at the start of the daily class, and again at the end of the sessions. This will be with their teacher and their classmates. The children will watch the instructional videos and complete the hands-on tasks throughout the class. If needed, they can continue to work on their projects after the final check in of the day.

Will kids get help from actual teachers? 

Yes, kids will be assigned to a cohort of up to 12 kids that will have a designated teacher for the camp. The teacher will check-in with everyone at the beginning of the class, for project assembly assistance, for science lessons and guided workbook review.

Online Camp Cancellation Policy

If a parent wishes to cancel or postpone a camp booking for their own personal reasons, they can do so up to two weeks in advance of the start date of the camp and receive 100% of their balance in Skyrock Credit. Summer Camp changes can be made up to one week in advance of the camp start date, subject to availability, at no extra charge.

Is there a certain level of English required to participate in these camps? Do you have a Chinese version of the camp? 

We have two categories of classes:
1) English for kids with intermediate+ English abilities
2) English for kids with beginners English but with a bilingual teachers who will switch between English and Chinese.

4-6 year olds:
Students do not need to be able to read and write. Caregivers should help them to access the materials they need.

How much knowledge or experience do kids need to join this class?

Kids should be able to navigate a computer or tablet device independently and read and communicate in very basic English. All content is created to be developmentally appropriate for the age groups.

What is required of parents during this camp – before, during, and after the course?

There will be a thorough onboarding email that uses video to inform parents of what they need to do before their child’s camp begins. It’s simply a matter of logging into the course platform and selecting the right packet from the materials that we send to you in one big box for the whole camp. We will also include a bonus activity for helping your child get familiar with the course platform.

Beyond this, parents can help by holding their children accountable for following the schedule that we set and checking-off every item on their daily checklist after each session.

4-6 year olds:
Caregivers are expected to help the children access the class and the materials. As the children are very young, they may require supervision or help when cutting out projects, this is particularly the case for our youngest students. Caregivers can also encourage and support their children’s effort and creativity throughout the day.

Which grade group should I choose—current or after summer?

Choose the grade group they will enter after summer, in the fall.

Is Skyrock for both girls and boys?

All Skyrock camps and courses are suitable for kids of any and all genders.

How exactly does the 2 week online camps work? 

The online camp runs through Monday to Friday for 2+ weeks in either morning or afternoon sessions. Sessions are from 9AM to 12PM or 1PM to 4PM.

Each session, students join a group of up to 12 kids to follow the lesson together with a designated teacher. The teacher will be imparting Live STEAM lessons and ensuring that kids are completing all of their tasks and projects.

The online course will also include pre-recorded content, a printed workbook, and materials to complete the STEAM projects.

4-6 year olds:
The lessons are structured to enable younger students to work on their projects after watching the instructional videos. We will have a homeroom check-in at the start of the class that enables the students to meet up with their classmates and teacher. The teacher will tell the children what to expect in the videos and to check that they have all the items they need for the day’s tasks. Then the children are expected to watch the instructional videos and complete the projects. If needed they can pause, rewind and re-watch the videos. Caregivers may also watch these videos and assist the children if necessary. It is not expected that the children always complete the daily project by the end of the lesson as they may wish to work on some tasks for longer. At the end of the class there will be a second homeroom check-in where the children can show their work to their teacher and the class. This time is also used by the teacher to ask questions to the students based on what they have learned in the class today.

Do kids take classes at home?

Yes, kids will access the camp from their own home.

Does it matter which time zone I'm in?

Our time zone is Taipei Standard Time ( GMT+8 ) Students joining from outside of Taiwan will need to adjust their schedules accordingly. However, students also have access to each camp course and its digital resources + pre recorded videos for three months after their camp.