Ocean Task Force

Summer Camp

For Pico Kids

Entering K2
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We all enjoy a trip to the beach on a lovely summer's day, but have you ever wondered what is hidden in the vast expanse of ocean that surrounds us? Our Ocean: Task force summer camp will help to answer this question. We will have fun exploring the expanse in our summer camp program that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to answer some of the questions you might have about the sea.

What we will do:

They will do exciting science experiments and learn:

  • Properties of materials:  Malleability
  • Properties of materials: Absorbency
  • Properties of materials: Thermal conductors

They will also get to make STEAM based project all about the ocean.  

  • Ocean Layers
  • Magic Sand
  • Submarines
  • LED Angler fish
  • Exploding hydrothermal vents

They will also do basic mathematics,

  • Counting fish
  • Counting backwards
  • Buoyancy
  • Volumes
  • Patterns

What we will learn:

  • The different layers of the ocean
  • The spooky deep-sea creatures
  • The different ways we use technology to explore the depth of the ocean floor
  • The cyanobacteria that provide the world with oxygen  

In the mornings they will learn precoding skills:  

  • Coding: Debugging
  • Coding: Loops

In the afternoon they will learn about amazing artist and how they use different techniques to create outstanding works of art. They will then use similar techniques to create ocean themed art pieces for themselves.  

  • Shoreline Sand Art
  • Batik Art
  • Corrugated fish prints


Daily schedule:

09:30-10:30pm Class

10:30-10:45pm Snack Break

10:45-12:00pm Class

12:00-13:00pm Lunch

13:00-14:00pm Activity time

14:00-15:30pm Class

15:30-15:45pm Break

15:45-16:30pm Class

16:30-17:00pm Student pick up


What's included:

  • Coding Class
  • Science Class
  • Maths Class
  • Art Class and project
  • Station based learning activities
  • In-class projects
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Collaborative play activities

Not included:

  • Lunch & snacks—meal plans can be requested and purchased separately

Sold Out


Sold Out


Full Day & Half Day
1 or 2-Weeks
NT 19,888

Camp dates & payment options:

Dates: Campus locations not showing dates are either sold out, or have no camps available at this time.

Deposits are non-refundable & full tuition must be paid in 21 days or your reservation will be removed.

If you're not seeing any dates for your preferred campus, we may be booked. Please contact us to get on a waiting list.


Daan Park



Xinye Anhe


Chat with admissions:

We're now pre-enrolling new kids for camps. Our admissions team can help you understand the process and get your child enrolled today.

Build a custom camp schedule:

If you would like to create a customized summer camp with the location, theme, and dates of your choice, contact admissions using the pre-enroll chat buttons above. Custom camp bookings will only to those who book before May 1st.

3-week camp option:

For Pico and Nano Kids only ( GRD k2-K3)
Three weeks, all three themes.

For Pico & Nano kids we have three week, full day camps available that will cover all three STEAM themes—Space, Ocean, and Earth. To book these special camp packages or learn more, please contact our admissions team using the chat buttons above.

Half-day option:

For Pico kids only (K2-K3): Parents who wish to enroll their kids in half day theme camps can arrange this option with our admissions team using the chat buttons above.


How do I sign up?

First choose a summer camp theme of interest, then choose their grade group. (choose the grade they will enter after summer) Scroll down to the booking section and choose the weeks and location that best fit your schedule, and click the "book now" button. This will take you to a booking page where you can enroll, and pay. If you have questions that aren't answered on the camp pages, you can always use the chat buttons above to contact our admissions team for help.

When does early-bird pricing end?

Early-bird pricing is available until April 30 or until all classes are full. We recommend booking early as possible to ensure availability.

Why is Skyrock doing themes this year instead of focusing on specific subjects?

We want kids to have an unforgettable summer. So we designed totally new, super exciting STEAM experiences that go above and beyond our already amazing courses by adding extra layers of imagination and fun. It's been shown that students provided with narrative-driven learning experiences are more engaged, more enthusiastic, and have more fun. Our summer STEAM theme camps promise to be the most exciting learning experience available.

Which grade group should I choose—current or after summer?

Choose the grade group they will enter after summer.

How many students will be in a class?

During camps, the maximum class size is 8 kids for one teacher.

Are camps in English & Chinese?

Classes are predominantly taught in English. When stated otherwise or specifically requested, class will be taught by a bilingual coach or by an English-speaking coach with a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant.

Are camps for both girls and boys?

Yes, all Skyrock camps and courses are suitable for both boys and girls.

What are camp hours?

The daily schedule for most of our summer camps is from 9:30am - 4:30pm ( Drop off time is 9-9:30am Pick up time is 4:30 - 5:00pm ) Exceptions to this schedule are made for half day Nano Kids camps and custom booked camps. For either of these options use the chat buttons above to discuss with admissions.

What does a typical camp day look like?

Each day of camp students will cover one subject of STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math ) To view details such as what kids will do and learn during camp, as well as a weekly schedule of activities, see camp schedule available on every camp page by grade group.

What should kids bring to camp?

We recommend Kids bring a water bottle and snacks if necessary. Please wear comfortable clothes that are ok for wear and tear.

Is there an option available for lunch?

Skyrock can provide lunch for an additional cost of NT$180 per day - the weekly lunch fee should be paid in cash on the first morning of camp. Please speak to a member of the admissions team for more information or to order a healthy lunch option for your child.

What locations will have summer camps?

Summer camps will be available at all Skyrock campuses including: Daan, Tree House, Tianmu, Dazhi, and Hsinchu. To see if a camp will be available at a location near you, visit the camp grade group page, and scroll down to the bookings list.

What time is drop off and collection?

Drop off is between 09:00 and 09:30 and collection is between 16:30 and 17:00. We have added an additional hour of activity to camp which will take place after lunch between 13:00 and 14:00. These activities will be a mixture of fun and education.

What is the minimum / maximum I can sign up for?

Most camps this year are 2-weeks long, which mean you must sign up for at least one two week period. However you can sign up for multiple camps while there is availability. Our summer camps usually sell-out, so signing up early is important. Speak with our admissions team about booking custom scheduled camps.

3-week multi-theme camps are also available for Nano Kids this year as well as a half-day booking option for Nano Kids. You can book these directly using the booking buttons found on each theme grade group pages, or contact our admissions team for help.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, credit card, and ATM transfer. If you have any questions on payment please chat with our admissions team using the chat buttons above.