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Skyrock Projects Terms of Service

Cancellation Policy 

At Skyrock, we are committed to accommodating our customers needs wherever possible. Once you have purchased your Skyrock credit we ask that you choose a suitable day and time slot, and commit to coming to your class each week.

If you are unable to attend a 2-hour class for any reason, we will only deduct one hour from your credit.  As a result of this you do not need to worry about informing us of your absence that week. Please review the Skyrock calendar for when our weekly classes are running.

In the event a student wishes to pause their classes for an extended period they can do so, with a mini-mum of 3 consecutive weeks or during their school holidays. Please note;

If your child contracts Enterovirus, Influenza A and B or Chickenpox then the hours will not be deducted and the classes will be automatically paused upon you informing us this by telephone. In the event that your child needs to visit a doctor or clinic for an illness not previously stated then please provide a note from the doctor or a receipt from the clinic and we will not deduct any hours from your balance.

Skyrock 竭盡所能滿足所有學生與家長的需求,而我們也希望在您購買 Skyrock 的課程後,請為孩子挑選最適合的日期與上課時段,並協助您的孩子每週固定出席課程,以得到最佳的系統化學習成效。 如果孩子因故無法出席每週兩小時的課程,我們將從您的點數中扣除一小時的額度;


如孩子感染腸病毒、A 或 B 型流感或水痘,為避免傳染,我們鼓勵孩子在家休息,收到您的來電通知後,將不會扣除任何上課時數。如遇其他病情,凡 於病假7日內補上課程「當日」的就醫證明(收據)即可補回一小時課程時數。


1. Cancel before 30 days and receive a 100 % refund.
2. Cancel within 15-29 days and receive a 70% refund.
3. Cancel within 3-14 days and receive a 50% refund.
4. Cancel within 3 days and unfortunately we will not be able to provide a refund.



In the event that you wish to cancel your classes, we do offer a refund for all tuition that has not been used up at the time of the request, no questions asked. The cost of the hours you have already used will be removed from the total hours purchased. Please note, the used hours will be charged as per our standard pricing guide and the hourly discount will be calculated based on hours used not hours purchased.



When class is cancelled during our weekend classes or afternoon classes and camps, cash refunds or make-ups will not be given. The hours will be refunded as credit which can be used against future Skyrock classes (after-school, weekly or camps) within the 6 months following the cancellation.

如週末、課後或營隊的課程因人事行政局公布停班停課而被迫取消,將不提供現金退款或補課,取消之時數將轉換成Skyrock課程點數,可在6 個月內使用於的Skyrock各分校的所有課程(課後課程、周末課程或營隊課程)。


Since we have multiple classes running throughout the day, we appreciate your punctuality in dropping off and picking up your kids. Drop off and pick up time windows are up to 15 mins prior and after the scheduled class time. Student care outside of this time window will result in an equivalent time deduction from their class hours.

由於我們整天都有許多課程在進行,我們誠摯地感謝您能準時接/送學生至教室。如學生遲到時間超過 15 分鐘以上,我們將從上課時數扣取等值時數。

To ensure a quality class experience and safety for all students, parents and guardians are only allowed to stay on Skyrock premises during this drop-off/pick up window and will kindly be asked to leave when the class has started.  

為確保學生的上課的品質及安全,家長及監護人僅允許在接送學生上下課的時段停留在 Skyrock 校區,當課堂開始後,懇請離校。


At Skyrock Projects we believe all students and staff are entitled to learn and work in a  happy and safe learning space.  To promote this we would like all students and parents to acknowledge the following.


No phones or communication devices, including smartwatches and stealth listening walkie talkies to be used in the class.  They must be kept in their bags at all times.


Zero tolerance for aggressive, abusive or violent behavior.


Low-level disruptive behavior will be dealt with by 2 verbal warnings, isolation off the task on the third away from the class.  A fourth incident will result in a phone call home at the end of class.  If phone calls are made home on a regular basis this will form grounds for expulsion from class at Skyrock Projects with a refund of unused classes being given as per the refund policy above.

搗亂行為將會給予兩次口頭警告,第三次將處以停止課堂上的任務活動,如發生第四次的搗蛋行為,我們將在課後致電給家長,如經常性需要我們致電給家長之學生,我們將解除學生在 Skyrock上課的權利,並依據以上提及之退款政策將尚未使用之時數退款。


In the event that your teacher is on personal leave (such as vacation, illness, maternity leave, etc), Skyrock will find a suitable and qualified Skyrock teacher to substitute the previous teacher during this temporary leave. Both student and parent will be notified if a change is made prior to the class when possible.

如果您的老師請假(例如:休假、病假、產假…等等),Skyrock 會協助學童安排另一位適合人選在此期間暫作代課,我們將會盡可能在課前通知學生與家長。

Skyrock holds the right to permanently switch your child’s teacher at any time during the term. In the rare event that this will take place, a formal class handover and teacher introduction will be made to the class, and both student and parent will be notified of the switch prior to the first class with the new teacher. All Skyrock teachers have gone through extensive training and preparation to be qualified to teach their assigned technology and class. 

在學期間,Skyrock 有權調整您孩子的上課教師,雖然這種情況不常發生,但若有必要時,我們老師間會有正式的課堂交接以及新老師的介紹,在新老師上任的第一堂課以前,我們將會通知所有學生和家長,在 Skyrock 的全體老師都已受過完整的培訓和準備,並具備專業的科技課程教學資格。


Skyrock students may be photographed and/or videotaped by representatives of Skyrock Projects that may then be used in our print and online material and social media pages.  We will be happy to remove any pictures at your request.

我同意我的孩子接受 Skyrock Projects 工作人員拍照及攝影並使用在紙本和線上的資料與社群媒體專頁上。如您希望我們移除任何照片,我們將樂意配合。
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