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Semester-based enrollment

Skyrock is operating on a semester-based enrollment model. The 2021-2022 academic year will consist of two 18-week semesters and signups will be handled individually for each semester. The Fall semester will run from September 8th 2021 until Chinese New Year 2022.

Tuition installments

For our new semester, Skyrock will now handle all payments in installments. During registration, clients will be asked to make an upfront payment to secure their booking. A total of 3 recurring payments of NT$5,400 (Early Bird Enrollment) or NT$5,760 (Standard Enrollment) will then be billed automatically on October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st, and these payments will be automated by Skyrock’s management system.

The initial payment for Skyrock semester tuition is non-refundable. However, in the event you wish to pause the classes or drop out completely, any remaining tuition can be kept as Skyrock credit and can be used against a future class or camp.

The upfront payment is also part of the tuition cost and not an extra cost or admin fee.

Leave policy

In the event that a student needs to miss any class, Skyrock will provide the class materials and online resources so that students can complete the course independently at home. The student's work can then be reviewed by the teacher during the next lesson. In special circumstances, where documentation can be provided (e.g. illness or a school graduation event), credits may be offered which can be used against future Skyrock products.

Calendar Information

The Skyrock academic year will run in line with the Taiwanese public school calendar. In order to preserve the high quality of our classes, we will pause our regular weekly classes during camp times (CNY and Summer). We will also be closed during Taiwanese public holidays. Please refer to our calendar for a full breakdown of our class schedule for the year. *Subject to change

Enrollment system

Clients may register directly via our official website at www.skyrockprojects.com. Our schedule for each semester will be available as well as all the dates for each class you wish to register for. For any clients who have questions regarding credits leftover, admissions process, class schedule, custom bookings, etc. may contact us directly by calling (02) 7751-5333 during office hours or message us on our official LINE account @skyrockprojects.

Camp cancellation policy

In the event that a parent wishes to cancel or pause a class for some time, it is possible to do so. They must first give us one weeks notice to highlight their intention to stop the classes. The deposit is non-refundable, however any unused tuition (including the deposit) can be saved as Skyrock credit to be used sometime in the future against another Skyrock product.

In the event that the Covid-19 situation worsens and the government directs us to close our schools, the program will be moved online at a reduced price and the difference in cost can be saved as Skyrock credit to be used in the future.

Drop off / pick up

Since we have multiple classes running throughout the day, we appreciate your punctuality in dropping off and picking up your kids. Drop off and pick up time windows are up to 15 mins prior and after the scheduled class time. Student care outside of these time windows will result in an equivalent time deduction from purchased hours.

To ensure a quality class experience and safety for all students, parents and guardians are only allowed to stay on Skyrock premises during this drop-off/pick up window and will kindly be asked to leave when the class has started.

Student behaviour

At Skyrock Projects we believe all students and staff are entitled to learn and work in a happy and safe space. To promote this we would like all students and parents to acknowledge the following:

  1. No phones or communication devices, including smartwatches and stealth listening walkie talkies to be used in the class. They must be kept in their bags at all times.
  2. Zero tolerance for aggressive, abusive or violent behavior.
  3. Low-level disruptive behavior will be dealt with by two verbal warnings. On the third warning, the student will be asked to continue their work in isolation from the class. A fourth incident will result in a phone call home at the end of class.
  4. Students who regularly disrupt class or show aggressive or abusive behavior will be expelled from Skyrock class with a refund of unused hours as per our refund policy.

Teacher leave

In the event that your teacher is on personal leave (such as vacation, illness, maternity leave, etc.), Skyrock will find a suitable and qualified teacher to substitute the previous teacher during this temporary leave. Both student and parent will be notified if a change is made prior to the class when possible.Skyrock holds the right to permanently switch your child’s teacher at any time during the term.

In the rare event that this will take place, a formal class handover and teacher introduction will be made to the class, and both students and parents will be notified of the switch prior to the first class with the new teacher. All Skyrock teachers have gone through extensive training and preparation to be qualified to teach their assigned technology and class.

Natural disasters policy

In the event that the government suspends classes due to natural disasters, the hours will be refunded as credit which can be used against Skyrock products.

COVID-19 response

In response to the special circumstance of COVID-19, Skyrock is doing the following:

  1. Following social distancing guidelines during all classes.
  2. In line with government and CDC advice, we have implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 policy which can be viewed on our website. Temperature checks, Travel and Health Declarations for students and staff, and regular cleaning and disinfecting of classroom spaces and equipment are just some of the measures included.
  3. In the event that Skyrock needs to close as a result of Covid-19 our classes will be taught online at a reduced cost of NT$18,000 per semester. The difference in tuition can be kept as Skyrock credit and used against a future Skyrock class or camp


Skyrock students may be photographed and/or videotaped by representatives of Skyrock Projects that may then be used in our print, online material, or social media pages.  We will be happy to remove any pictures at your request.