Student & Teacher Health & Safety Policies

Fighting Back
Against COVID-19

On this web page you’ll find all of our policies, procedures, promises that are designed to protect your child, protect our teacher, and protect your purchase while we fight back against the COVID-19 virus.  

From our reduced class size and fixed price promise to our teacher care and commitments plan, this page outlines in detail the precautions we’re taking to plan one of the safest camps on earth this summer.
A new role created for a set of circumstances that are new to everyone.
Rigorous cleaning and personal hygiene habits at all branches.
A plan to protect our teachers, so they can protect our students.
Skyrock’s COVID-19 response to ensure the learning never stops.
A plan to make sure we have something for every one.
An approach that’s simple, transparent, and flexible.
We’re anticipating and communicating the outcomes up front.

A Summary of
Skyrock’s Gameplan

Class Size Reduced to 4 Students with No Price Increase

Flexible Worry-Free Refund Policy

Staff Trained in Best Known Cleaning & Prevention Practices

Hired Head of Hygiene

Ongoing Student Hygiene Education in Best Practices

Equipment and School Disinfection Process & Policy

Staff & Student Hourly Hand Washing

Staff & Student Mandatory Facemask Policy

Staff, Student & Household Travel Declarations

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