A Letter from Our CEO

Skyrock’s COVID-19 response to ensure the learning never stops.

Dear Skyrock community,

So much has happened in 2020 so far. As a team of mostly young adults (plus two Mums and one Dad-to-be), we have respect and a newfound empathy for what you as parents must be going through while trying to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

My team and I have been thinking long and hard how we can put our company’s grand ambitions for the future on hold for now as we snap back to the present and think only about what our customers need from us today.

As British residents who have lived in Taiwan for more than 8 years, Tony and I (the Skyrock cofounders) are beyond proud and grateful for what the Taiwanese government has done to protect the health of our teachers, and what they have done to protect our company too. So we’ve also considered deeply our collective responsibility to carefully and humbly follow advice in order to fight back against the COVID-19 virus.

You can find all of the announcements and newly updated policies and procedures on our COVID-19 response resource page.

Transparent communication of procedures. We want to assure you that we take our responsibility to prevent the transmission of any illnesses at our branches very seriously. As a result, we’ve developed a thorough collection of policies and procedures as well as a list of checklists that demonstrate to you the measures we’re taking on a daily basis.  We’ve published all of these on our COVID-19 resources page and blog, which our newly promoted Head of Hygiene and Health (Paula Perry) and I will update weekly.

Money Back Guarantee. On our resources page, you’ll also see an updated Money Back Guarantee should things get disrupted. Additionally, you can find a clear articulation of the measures Skyrock will take to ensure the continuity of your child’s learning should circumstances here in Taiwan take a turn for the worst, including the circumstances under which our classes would pause.

Our refund policy was also modified to allow you, our current customers, to purchase seats for our spring and summer programs worry free now as we anticipate spots to sell out sooner than past seasons given the reduction of class sizes.

We understand the anxiety that comes with uncertainty, so we have done our utmost to reduce the complexity and increase our flexibility as much as possible. Hopefully by making these decisions about our summer camp now and communicating early we can help you plan for the time ahead.

The safety of your children, the well-being of our teachers, and your peace of mind as parents are important to us.

We’re here to listen and to talk if there’s anything we can do to help.

Best wishes,  


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