Head of Hygiene’s Mission

A new role created for a set of circumstances that are new to everyone.

New Role of Head of Health & Hygiene  

We’re delighted to announce that we have promoted one of our most detail-orientated and Science-loving teachers, Paula Perry, to being Skyrock’s Head of Health and Hygiene. This is until the COVID-19 virus passes entirely and quite possibly beyond as the way the world responds to these matters changes forever.

Paula, mother to her 13-year old daughter whom she has raised here in Taipei, has a background in Scientific research and preschool education. Paula did her PHD in Plant Science, before going to complete research in the field of root development in the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, Academia Sinica. Paula then went on to teach in Happy Marian, where she helped developed the curriculum for the kindergarten, before joining Skyrock as our specialist preschool teacher and curriculum developer.  

As someone who understands the consequences of not taking cleanliness and hygiene seriously, someone who has empathy with parents, and a Biology enthusiast that can’t help but refresh the page on the CDC’s response to COVID-19's latest developments, Paula is the perfect fit for this position of responsibility.

Skyrock’s management, teachers, and community managers trust Paula to be the watchful eye over our health and hygiene. We all support her in her mission to act proactively to prevent any sickness from transmission and react quickly to mitigate any incidents that might occur. This means that we will feedback on all of her policy suggestions and receive training on how to follow them with accuracy. Additionally, we will report to her daily and weekly with data on ourselves as teachers and on our students - all of which she will anonymize and protect in order to ensure that everyone’s right to privacy is respected.  

For more information on what our Head of Health and Hygiene will be doing to prevent the transmission of sickness during our classes and camps, please view our checklist below.

Head of Hygiene Duties and Responsibilities
  • Training and cooperating with Skyrock’s full-time cleaner to ensure that all of Skyrock’s branch cleanliness procedures are followed consistently across all branches.
  • Training and cooperating with each branch’s Community Manager to ensure that all procedures around student health & hygiene are being followed daily and weekly.  
  • Training and working with every teacher to ensure that they are completing their daily and weekly checklists.
  • Ensure teachers declarations are up-to-date and accurate to state their compliance with social distancing and health check procedures.
  • Ensuring that all students and teachers (including household members of both) have completed a travel declaration and health declaration form before all class or camps begins.
  • Closely follow the latest news, recommendations, policy and procedures from the CDC & Taiwan MOE. Ensure that Skyrock’s policies, procedures, and checklists are thorough and up-to-date.
  • Collect and store all of the data on student and teacher temperature checks. Store all records safely and ensure they are accessible. Ensure data collection and storage methods protects students, parents and teachers privacy.
  • Document, manage, and maintain supervision of all policy checklists, also for incident reports where the health and hygiene of students, teachers and/or household members is a concern.  
  • Respond to any complaints or concerns raised from parents. Should any parent notice an incident that doesn’t comply with our policy and procedures, make adjustments to ensure the issue doesn't arise again.  
  • Ensure that all branches are adequately equipped with temperature checking tools, hand sanitizing solutions, safe solutions for disinfecting equipment and surfaces, and face masks.  
  • Cooperate with the CEO of Skyrock to design and implement policy across the company. Support the CEO to proactively communicate these with our parent community.
  • Without delay, immediately escalate to CEO if unable to resolve a situation to identify a solution.

More COVID-19 Policies

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