Home and Online Tutoring

A plan to make sure we have something for everyone.

To make sure that we can serve our community no matter what the circumstances, from April 6th onwards Skyrock will introducing our new approach to home tutoring.

From May 4th onwards we will also be experiment with online learning, just in case it should be required.  

And finally, from May 4th onwards we will introduce our Math, Science, and English classes in one-to-one or group tutoring format – at the home or at one of our branches.

Additionally, we know that there are groups of parents whom might be concerned about the learning or health concerns of their children that might wish to avoid large groups. In this case, we hope that Skyrock’s home tutoring, custom booking option for flexible scheduling, or online learning options can meet their needs.

Online Learning

In the event that schools should begin online learning, customers can use their Skyrock credit (or purchase more hours) to receive tutoring for their Tech Clubs or for their core subjects including Math, Science or English.  

Skyrock has gathered a group of experienced teachers who have tutored these subjects in the past, many of whom have educational or industry experience in one or all of these subjects. With Tony and Simon (Skyrock founders), leaning on their combined 10 years of international school teaching experience to build these programs, Skyrock is well positioned to provide support for these online classes.

The price for our online classes will be priced the same as our regular classes, however classes will only be 1.5 hours long, so that’s 1.5 hours of credit. For a one-to-one class, the price is double.

Custom Bookings

If a customer wishes to book a custom class either at a Skyrock branch or in their home they can do so at the following rate:

1 student – NT$1,800 per student per hour
2 students – NT$1,400 per student per hour
3 students – NT$1,000 per student per hour
4 students – NT$800 per student per hour

Providing that we have availability, these classes can be either of our STEAM, Coding, or Robotics Tech Clubs or either of our Math, Science, or English programs after May 4th.

Home Tutoring

Parents can also choose to host the class at their home or reserve the communal space of their building. For this, all of our programs are available and we can customize the approach to your needs. The custom booking price as stated above applies.

For the home tutoring option, Skyrock has additional health and hygiene policies and procedures that apply. For more information, see the checklist of procedures our teachers complete for each home visit below.

Home Tutoring Hygiene Checklist
  • Prior to becoming a home tutor all staff have received up-to-date training on the cleaning methods and company hygiene policies.
  • When entering your house the home tutor will change their shoes or wear protective shoe covers.
  • Home tutors will be wearing a mask at all times and insist that their students do too.
  • Upon entering your home teachers will use hand sanitizer and then wash their hands thoroughly using soap and water, ensuring that the students do too.
  • As a precaution, teachers, will take their temperature every morning. They will repeat this when entering your home. If they have a temperature of 37.6℃ or higher they will not be able to teach.  
  • Students will be asked to check their temperature is below 37.5℃ to keep our staff safe.
  • We ask that the table or work surface be cleaned or disinfectant to ensure a safe workspace, of which the teacher will have materials to ensure this is done.
  • All equipment that is brought to the students house is disinfected before and after class.  
  • Prior to the class starting, student must wash their hand and wear a facemask.
  • Teachers will not bring in any food or drink (apart from disinfected water bottles) to your home.
  • Teachers will have ensured Skyrock’s Head of Health and Hygiene that they have been sticking to their social distancing commitments, which you can see here (link to checklist).

More COVID-19 Policies

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