Money Back Guarantee

An approach that’s simple, transparent, and flexible.

Skyrock has always been flexible with refunds and cancellations, and we intend to stay true to this principle during times when classes and camps could potentially be disrupted by social distancing requirements initiated by the Taiwan Government. We will follow the full extent of the governments suggestions, without exception.

Cutting class sizes in half, same price.

During these times of precaution, Skyrock has decided to halve its maximum camp class size of 8 (7 for Tech Clubs) to just 4 kids per class. We’re doing this to increase the distance between students, reduce the exposure of our teachers, and to decrease the amount of care and administration that our community managers need to do to in order to reduce the risk of transmission.

Although the class size will halve, the price will remain fixed for the spring semester Tech Clubs and summer Tech Camps.

We have redrafted our cancellation policy to ensure that our customers feel secure in the knowledge that their purchase will be protected regardless of how the situation develops

I’m worried if I purchase weekly classes or camps that I may lose my payment if the government initiates strict social distancing requirements?

Refunds are available in the following circumstances:
1) Camps are cancelled due to an outbreak of COVID-19.
2) Skyrock is closed during camp time due to a government order.
3) A student is under a government enforced quarantine or isolation and is unable to attend*.
4) A student has contracted Covid-19 at one of our branches*.

*Supporting documentation will be requested if availing of a refund or credit for circumstances 3 or 4 listed above.

A processing/admin fee of NT$3,000 (NT$1,500 for half-day bookings) will be deducted before refunding. Please note, this charge only applies to refunds. Customers who transfer their balance into Skyrock credit will not be charged a processing/admin fee. The balance of any camp that does not go ahead, or cannot be attended due to Covid-19, can be transferred into Skyrock credit at no charge to the customer up until the day before the camp begins.

Non-Covid 19 related Cancellation:

If a parent wishes to cancel or postpone a class for their own personal reasons, they can do so up to 2 weeks in advance of the start date of the camp and receive 100% of their balance in Skyrock Credit.  

Summer Camp start date or program changes can be made up to 1 week in advance of your camp start date, subject to availability, at no extra charge.  

If you wish to cancel your Skyrock Summer camp for reasons not related to Covid-19 (please see reasons 1-4 above), the refund policy is as follows:
- Cancel before 30 days and receive a 100 % refund.
- Cancel within 15-29 days and receive a 70% refund.
- Cancel within 7-14 days and receive a 50% refund.
- Cancel within 7 days and unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a refund.

For further information on our cancellation policy, please contact our admissions team on 02-77515333.

Skyrock Weekly Tech Clubs Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend a weekly 2-hour Tech Club class for any reason, we will still only deduct one hour from your credit.  As a result of this you do not need to worry about informing us of your absence that week. Please review the Skyrock calendar for when our weekly classes are running.

If your child contracts Covid-19, Enterovirus, Influenza A and B, Chickenpox then your hours will not be deducted and the classes will be automatically paused upon you informing us this by telephone.

In the event a student wishes to pause their classes for an extended period they can do so, with a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks or during their school holidays, and these missed classes will not be charged. Please note; In order to pause the class, please complete our online form 5 days in advance -  Pause Class Form

Skyrock’s Tech Clubs and Camps will also be available at the home and online from May onwards.  

More COVID-19 Policies

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