Teachers' Declarations

A plan to protect our teachers, so they can protect our students.

Teacher Health & Social Distancing

The health, hygiene, and well-being of our teachers is of extreme important to us, because they are the reason people come to Skyrock. As an international group in our adopted country of Taiwan, we’ve designed procedures to ensure that we go above and beyond what has been recommended by the CDC, Taiwan MOE, and also what local and international schools in Taipei are currently doing.

Our approach to protecting our teachers, which in turn protects our students too, involves three main parts: 1) effective social distancing, 2) the thorough monitoring of daily health and 3) commitments to sanitizing our spaces, equipment, and accessories.

While some of the social distancing measures outlined in our checklist below might seem a bit extreme, Skyrock’s management and teachers both agree that now is the time to act with precaution. Since all of our teachers are employed as full-time employees with full benefits and are at Skyrock to build a career, they feel a strong connection to our company and community. They’re always prepared to go above and beyond to do what they believe is best for their students!

As role models to their students, Skyrock’s teachers understand that their students often mimic and emulate their behaviour. Therefore they understand how important it is to demonstrate and encourage best practices around personal hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, to use this as a teaching moment about the importance of being mindful of the role they play in the collective health of their peers, and in times like these, the whole country.

Teacher Health & Social Distancing Declaration
  • The teacher has completed up-to-date training on the cleaning methods for sanitizing their work spaces that are in line with the company hygiene policies.
  • The teacher commits to a strict routine for handwashing multiple times daily and ensuring that their students follow the same routine.
  • The teacher holds themselves accountable for wearing face masks that comply with the CDC recommendations AT ALL TIMES when facing students, parents, and other Skyrock staff.
  • The teacher commits to ensuring that no food or beverages other than water enter thier classroom spaces.
  • The teacher has committed themselves to cancelling all travel plans until the CDC has declared it safe to do so and return to Taiwan.
  • The teacher declares that they do not share a living space with someone who is under home quarantine.
  • The teacher has completed training on recognizing the symptoms related to the virus and declare to the Head of Health and Hygiene daily that they are symptom free.
  • The teacher commits to disciplined social distancing between now and when the CDC has removed all measures, avoiding social gatherings of 10 or more people.
  • The teacher commits to minimizing their contact with Skyrock teachers from other branches and only attending virtual team meetings if the number of staff is 5 of more.
  • The teacher commits to minimizing their use of public transport, especially during peak times, and avoiding public spaces such as gyms, bars, and night markets during peak times.
  • The teacher commits to maintaining an accurate log of all of the students they have taught over the course of a week and reporting this to the Head of Health and Hygiene.
  • The teacher commits to cooperating with the branch community manager and reporting daily to the Head of Health and Hygiene to ensure no procedures are missed and no incidents go unreported.

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