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IMPORTANT: Health Policy

Skyrock Projects will follow the guidance of the Taipei City Government and will remain open until advised otherwise.

As a precaution, ALL students, teachers, and parents (that wish to enter any of our branches) will have their temperature taken. If they have a temperature of 37.6℃ or higher they will not be able to attend class at Skyrock Projects and will be advised to go home.
To find out more and read the full health policy please click here.


Where kids create, connect and collaborate
with each other through technology and invention.

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Our Tech Clubs prepare kids with STEM skills for the future in a way that feels more like creativity and less like homework.


Hands on learning

Believe it helps kids retain knowledge
Say it helps them learn new things
believe it builds student confidence
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Tech Clubs


Young Inventors

Giving kids the creative confidence to invent with tools, materials, and technology.
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Coding Wizards Club

Giving kids the most inspirational introduction to coding with interactive and hands on projects with electronics.
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Machine Makers

Learning STEM concepts and mechanical skills by building robots that complete smart challenges.
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Expanding the imagination and developing littlemakers
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Mega Coding

Coding with sensors and electronics
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What does a Tech Club look like?

We have classes running evenings and weekends, English and bilingual, for all three clubs across all the branches. You can sign up and join any time!
  • Max class size of 7
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Fully Equipped Makerspaces
  • Fun & High Energy
  • Hands on Projects
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Join a class today

We have classes running evenings and weekends, English and bilingual, for all three clubs across all the branches. You can sign up and join any time!

Make a custom
booking for
your group

You can start a Tech Club for your child and their friends at a time that suits you best. Tell us where and when and we'll make it happen.
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Learn with a
Tech Tutor

Learn one-to-one or as part of a group at our branches or at your home. We can bring some equipment and get set up on your dining table!
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Trusted by the community

We believe that cultivating both technical and creative confidence in kids is the best thing we can do to develop independent and intrinsically motivated learners

Let's Make
It Happen

As former Maths and Science teachers, we have seen how all of the textbooks and tests are doing the opposite - they are killing the curiosity in our kids. We’ve created Skyrock to be a space where kids dare to dream about a future that’s radically different thanks to the power of Science and technology.
Simon & Tony, Skyrock Founders.
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What is a tech club, and how is it different from a regular class?

TECH CLUBS are after-school and weekend clubs where kids learn to create, connect and collaborate with each other through technology and invention.

No textbooks, just projects, since we learn through making.
No tests, just showcases, since we work towards competitions or events.
No grades, just badges (like Scouts) and belts (like Martial Arts), since we like kids to learn at their own pace and feel free to be original.

In these clubs the students feel like they belong to something, have fun and make friends, and they are intrinsically motivated to be creative. The Tech club spirit is the secret ingredient for unlocking creativity and confidence in kids.

Each club has its own charter and values, social events and field trips, coaches and ambassadors, and uniform and equipment.Our tech clubs will be replacing all classes and programs.

How do I get started?

1. Download our curriculum and schedule to pick the club that’s right for you.
2. Complete the registration form to reserve your space.
3. Review FAQs to understand how Tech Clubs work.
4. Make a payment and begin.
New students are encouraged to begin with a 1-hour induction to the club and then sign up if they like it.

What are the different options to choose from?

We currently have 5 clubs for elementary schools kids:
Young Inventors Club - Making
Code Wizards - Coding
Game Creators - Game
Machine Makers - Robotics
Fashion Engineers: Fashion tech
We also have the Nano STEAM Club for kids aged 4-6 years old, and the Mega Coding club for kids aged 11-14.

What is the learning style?

The MIT professor and founder of Scratch, Mitch Resnik, recently published a book showing how a creative learning experience is made up of Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. We fundamentally agree with him.
We believe that the child that is doing the most making and inventing is the child that is doing the most learning.Our coaches are there to make sure they are challenged, that they are learning something new always, and that they are pushed to do the most creative work they’ve ever done before.

Are clubs taught in English, Chinese, or both?

Classes are predominantly taught in English. When stated otherwise or specifically requested, class will be taught by a bilingual coach or by an English-speaking coach with a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant.

02 7751 5333
Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 19:00
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