Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign-up?

You can sign-up by calling into our school in Tianmu or by calling us on 02-28746252.

How much does it cost?

All of our programs cost NT$ 800 per hour, with each program lasting 20 hours and so coming to a total of NT$ 16000.

If you sign up for 60 hours we are will give you a discount of 20% bringing the hourly rate down to NT$ 640 per hour, and so coming to a total of NT$ 38,400.

Do you offer programs in both English and Chinese?

Yes. We offer most (but not all) of our programs in both languages. Additionally, when necessary our English program will have a Chinese support teacher.

What curriculum materials do you use?

Aside from the material we take from the open source community, all of our curriculum materials are built from scratch to suit the unique requirements of our programs. To complete the workshops, we almost always have to use a suite of creative software applications which we license from global companies.

How long is a program, and what time do classes run?

All programs last a total of 20 hours. Each program is then split into 10 lessons for weekday sessions and 5 lessons for weekend sessions.

Is there a prerequisite to attend any of the programs at Skyrock Projects?

All of our programs have been designed to meet need the needs of a range of abilities at each age group.  As part of our course design process we carry an in depth review of the curricula students will have studied in both local and international schools in Taiwan.  As a result all students will have the prerequisite skills to attend our programs.  Furthermore our courses are built from the ground up as a project based learning curriculum, meaning that students of different abilities are able to work at their own pace, supported by our resources and expert teachers. A strong desire to learn and discover is all that your student needs to succeed with us.

What equipment do students need to bring?

Students don’t need to bring a laptop, but they will need to bring note-making materials.  Although, we can provide a laptop, if they have their own they would benefit from bringing it with them so that they are more familiar with their own device.

Do students have to take a test to get a certificate of participation?

No, students will not take a test that gets graded, but to get a certificate they must submit an entry to their portfolio. Our instructors will constantly provide constructive feedback and encourage them to make multiple revisions, even after the program has finished.

Why is it important for students to have a creative portfolio?

Competition for academic programs as prestigious institutions is as high as ever, and admission boards now require candidates to show what makes them a standout candidate. Furthermore, innovative companies wish for job candidates to show them what they’ve built, rather than presenting their academic transcript.

What are the age requirements?

Our age policy: Any student who meets the age requirement for the course by the start date may enroll in that course.

Example: If your 10 year old is interested in a course for ages 11-13, your student must turn 11 by the start date of the course.

Please see the division age requirements below: Age 7 Ages 8-10 Ages 11-13
Skyrock.plusplus: Ages 14-17
Adult Classes: Ages 18 and over

What is your referral policy?

We welcome each and every referral and so you will receive a discount (or cash refund) of NT$1000 for each student referred to us that signs up for a 20 hour program.

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount off the total amount owed if 2 or more siblings join any of our programs at Skyrock Projects.  This offer will last the duration of the time that the siblings attend classes with us.

How many students are on each course?

To ensure a high quality of education is received by all students our classes have a maximum size of ten students.

Do you work with any schools or companies?

Yes. Skyrock Projects runs custom programs for schools that can bring a group of their students to our academy. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy: You have up until 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the start of your session to cancel to receive a refund of the tuition less the non-refundable deposit.

Deposits are as follows:

Skyrock Projects Summer Camps: NT$3000
Skyrock Projects Semester Programs: NT$2000

Please note that our programs offered in conjunction with the TYPA and Taipei European School follow their cancellation policies.

What happens if we cannot attend a class due to sickness or alternative plans?

We offer makeup classes which are half the length of time of the original class with one of our support teachers or the class teacher if they are available.  These classes are to be arranged by mutual consent, and due to scheduling constraints may not always be available at a time that suits you.  However, we endeavor to find a time that works for both.

Who are the Skyrock Projects instructors?

Our faculty at Skyrock Projects is comprised of elite instructors with backgrounds in industry, computer programming, art exhibitions, and international school educators.

Is your company registered with the Ministry of Education?

Yes, we received our license to operate as an education provider in June 2017.