Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Hit the ‘Sign up’ button and complete the brief registration form. From there, we will contact you to confirm your place and request that you pay a deposit that’s 10% of the cost of the class. Alternatively, you can email us at give us a call at +886.228.746.252

Do students need any prerequisite coding skills to sign up?

No, all our programs begin with an intensive introduction to the coding language that we’ll use for the rest of the program. Those who already have the necessary coding skills will work through some creative coding challenges while the rest of the class catches up.

Do you offer programs in both English and Chinese?

Yes. We offer most (but not all) of our programs in both languages. Additionally, when necessary our English program will have a Chinese support teacher.

How long is a program, and what time do classes run?

All programs last a total of 30 hours. A program begins with the study of foundational skills (6 hours), followed by project #1 (12 hours) and then project #2 (12 hours).

What equipment do students need to bring?

Students don’t need to bring a laptop, but they will need to bring note-making materials and  equipment.

Do students have to take a test to get a certificate of participation?

No, students will not take a test that gets graded, but to get a certificate they must submit an entry to their portfolio. Our instructors will constantly provide constructive feedback and encourage them to make multiple revisions, even after the program has finished.

Why is it important for students to have a creative portfolio?

Competition for academic programs as prestigious institutions is as high as ever, and admission boards now require candidates to show what makes them a standout candidate. Furthermore, innovative companies wish for job candidates to show them what they’ve built, rather than presenting their academic transcript.

What curriculum materials do you use?

Aside from the material we take from the open source community, all of our curriculum materials are built from scratch to suit the unique requirements of our programs. To complete the workshops, we almost always have to use a suite of creative software applications which we license from global companies.

Do you work with any schools or companies?

Yes. Skyrock projects run custom programs for schools that can bring a group of their students to our academy. Furthermore, come September 2017, we’ll be offering creative technology immersion weeks at schools around Taipei.

Is your company registered with the Ministry of Education?

Yes, we received our license to operate as an education provider in June 2017.