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Online STEAM course for kids in K2-K3

This course uses our STEAM Box materials, components, and printed workbooks as a foundation. One new invention is built each day, providing the perfect introduction to science, engineering, arts, and math.

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September 4

Fall 2021 semester classes begin on Saturday, September 4


18 weeks

2 hours / week
25 hours over 18 weeks



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths

This course is for

Kids in K2-K3

Suitable for kids with or without previous experience

Projects designed to build real skills

Projects that build real skills.

Students are introduced to STEAM in a creative environment using curriculum focused on project based learning, problem solving, and scientific method.

Mars Survival Guide

Learn STEAM skills and concepts through Mars-themed lessons and projects.

Coding concepts & skills

Projects and lessons will include: algorithms, sequencing, number recognition, addition, ordinal numbers, and counting backwards

Projects & Activities

Create a jiggling astronaut. Make a suncatcher. Study constellations. Learn about the cosmos. Play with a Mars Rover. Create a solar system fan. Put together your very own astronaut's helmet... and more!

Ocean Task Force

Learn STEAM skills and concepts through ocean-themed lessons and projects.

Coding concepts & skills

Projects and lessons will include: debugging, positional language, loops, patterns, and more.

Projects & Activities

Create your own LED Angler fish. Play with sand art. Count fish with guppy cuppy. Explode your own hydrothermal vent. Understand how submarines work. Learn about ocean layers. Try fish printing.

Earth Explorers

Learn STEAM skills and concepts through earth science-themed lessons and projects.

Coding concepts & skills

Understand directional language, and the concept of matching. Practice geometry, subtraction, and measurement.

Projects & activities

Learn about the phases of the moon. Make your own land art. Understand the water cycle model. Try your own earthquake simulator. Dissect a volcano.

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18 Weeks of online + offline activities

Kids follow a simple daily schedule

2 hours a week | LIVE teacher time | Projects & mini-assignments

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For kids going into grade K2-K3

  • 12 Hands-on projects
    STEAM focused for Introductory level. All materials provided so kids are ready to start building from day one.
  • 5 hands-on Mars projects
    All materials provided and ready for kids to use and start building.
  • 5 hands-on Ocean projects
    All materials provided and ready for kids to use and start building.
  • International teachers
    Students meet with International teachers who are experts in STEAM and at the forefront of innovative education methods.
  • Detailed project instruction
    Engaging and exciting project walk-throughs help kids learn while progressing at their own pace.
  • Exciting illustrated workbooks
    Kids can continue their in-class learning and complete homework assignments and projects on their own, at their own pace.

Initial payment covers set up fee and first month.
balance billed monthly over 3 months in the fall semester.

September 4th Enrollment

NTD 18,000 total

October 3rd Enrollment

NTD 14,000 total

The quoted cost will include an initial deposit, which covers set up fee and first month; the rest of the balance is billed monthly over the remaining months in the fall semester.

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A Hands-on STEAM camp for kids at home.

18 weeks of science and invention.

Top-notch STEAM specialists guide kids through these immersive
2-week STEAM camps. Using actual materials we send in a box, workbooks, and LIVE online teaching, kids will build amazing projects, have fun, expand their skills and have an unforgettable summer learning experience.

Mars Survival Guide

  • Algorithms and Sun Catching Sun
  • States of matter and Jiggling Astronaut
  • Sequencing and Jet pack
  • States of matter and Solar System Fan
  • Decomposition and Mars Rover
  • Number Recognition & Solar System Mobile
  • Addition & Constellation
  • Counting Backwards & Cosmos
  • Ordinal Numbers & Moonscape
  • Shapes & An Astronaut’s Helmet
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Ocean Task Force

  • Debugging and Ocean Layers
  • Properties of materials and Jumping Jellyfish
  • Positional language and Submarine
  • Properties of Materials and LED Angler fish
  • Loops and Exploding Hydrothermal Vents
  • Patterns & Shoreline Sand Art
  • Addition & Counting Fish & Batik Art
  • Buoyancy & Guppy Cuppy
  • Reflection  & Fish Printing
  • Volumes & Dangling Diatoms 
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Earth Explorers

  • Directional language and Plasticine Earth layers
  • Properties of materials and Water cycle Model
  • Matching and Earthquake simulator
  • Properties of materials and Phases of the Moon
  • Recording instructions andVolcano
  • Geometry & Quilted Rock Formation
  • Subtraction & Earth Necklace
  • Measurement & Surprised Collage
  • Sizes & Mr. Moon
  • Classification & Land Art
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Standards-linked projects and lesson material.

Kids learn skills they never forget

Projects are supported with lessons that explore the science phenomena they will learn in elementary school in ways they will never forget: through WOW moments of curiosity and excitement.

Project Based Learning

Using project-based learning enables kids to work on aspects of  projects that most appeal to them.


Inspiring an open-ended, creative exploration enables productive play and inquiry.

Scientific Method

The scientific method builds kids investigation skills, and teaches them to measure and record findings.


Empowering creativity in kids has been shown to increase mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

States of Matter

Students will study physical changes that take place as matter converts from solid to liquid to gas.

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Parents & kids love Skyrock.

Parents love Skyrock’s camps because they spark a curiosity for science and boost the creative confidence in their kids. Kids love Skyrock because they get to make amazing things, experience wow moments, and experiment with their creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

For new students, please sign up using the “enroll now” button above. You will be guided to select a location, course, day and time. Once you have completed your selection you can pay tuition online using your credit card. Please see further information on pricing below.

For existing students who hold Skyrock credit, please reach out to our admissions team via phone call, Line or Facebook, and they will guide you through the onboarding process.

How much does it cost?

For our new semester Skyrock will handle all payments in installments. During registration, clients will be asked to make an upfront payment and deposit to secure their booking. This will be followed by a total of 3 recurring payments of NT$5,400 (Early Bird Enrollment) or NT$5,760 (Standard Enrollment) will then be billed automatically on October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st, and these payments will be automated by Skyrock’s management system.

What is the deadline for signup?

The enrollment deadline is Saturday September 4th, which is also the 1st day of class for our Fall semester. If you miss the first signup deadline, there will a further opportunity to enroll on in the 1st week of October.

When is the first and last day of class?

The first day of classes for our Fall semester will take place on the week beginning September 4th. Fall semester classes will run until Chinese New Year 2021.

What if my kid has already done the skyrock summer camp?
(online or in-person)

All Grade 1 students will take our flagship Young Inventors program. This will be all new curriculum for Grade 1 students (unless they took the STEAM Box course in Summer).

All Grade 2, 3 and 4 students will join the Mars Survival Guide and Ocean Task Force program.
If they attended the online summer camp or in person summer camp and they have already completed this curriculum, we can offer custom classes in other courses.

How many students in a class?

There will be a maximum of 8 students in each class.

What is the minimum number of students to open a class?

The minimum number of students to open a class is 5. In the event a class does not reach 5 students we will do our best to accommodate those students at another time, or help them to form a custom class with other students where possible.

If we cannot attend a class will there be a make-up available?

Make-up classes are not available, but we will provide the classroom material and online resources to the student so they can complete the material independently at home, and this can be reviewed by the teacher at the next lesson.

In the event that the Covid situation was to worsen and classes be cancelled, what would happen to my deposit?

We have spent a large part of the last 6 months developing a high-quality online curriculum for each of our programs which still incorporates the hands-on material element of the program. In the event the covid-19 situation was to worsen, and we are advised by the Ministry of Education to close our classes, we will offer all of our weekly programs online and send all the required materials home to the students.

Will the teacher be the same for the whole semester or will it change theme by theme?

Teachers will remain the same for the duration of the semester except for in special circumstances (absence due to illness etc). Any changes to teachers will be clearly communicated to the parents in advance.

Can I have a discount if I purchase more semesters or camp classes up front?

No. We are only accepting bookings for individual programs and semesters at this time.

Will there be an incentive to sign up siblings?

Yes, we will offer each sibling NT$1,500 in Skyrock credit which they can use against a future camp or Skyrock class.

Is the STEAM Fundamentals program the same as the Young Inventors Club curriculum last year or is this a new course?

Many of the projects are similar to the YIC program but we have added new elements such as project remixes and new classroom activities. If you child already took the YIC curriculum last year, we will move them to the more advanced level, so they are completing new curriculum.

What will the themes for Nano (STEAM Beginners) be?

The themes for STEAM Beginners will be Space, Earth, and Ocean with students taking 6 weeks of each theme throughout the semester.

Will there be classes available for students in Grades 5 – 9?

Yes, we will run custom coding classes for students in Grades 5 – Grades 9.

Will there be an online class if I don’t want to attend in person?

Yes, online classes are available and are subject to interest (minimum of 5 students to open the class). If you wish to attend an online class, please fill in the booking form on our online class page (here) or reach out to our admissions team via phone, Line or Facebook message.