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Schools and learning centers across Taiwan are scrambling to produce and provide digital learning solutions for their students. All of the solutions on the market result in students staring at a screen all day long, getting less and less engaged each day.

Skyrock started the development of their hands-on at-home STEAM learning solution when the pandemic begun in winter 2020. Now we’re delighted to share this toolkit with new and existing partners so they can give their digital learning program a boost this summer.

Designed to reduce teacher prep time to only 30 minutes per 3-hour session.
No engineering background necessary!

Simple courseware & videos makes teaching easy.

Kid-friendly interface that's easy to use.

Our prerecorded videos and quizzes keep kids on task and focused while your teachers use our lesson plans to do what they do best—support and guide kids throughout their journey.

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Skyrock STEAM course snapshot.

Super Summer Camp

For kids ages 7+

  • 12 Hands-on STEAM projects
    Completed in 2 weeks. All materials provided so kids are ready to start building.
  • 5 Hands-on Mars projects
    Completed in 1 week. All materials provided and ready for kids to use and start building.
  • 5 Hands-on Ocean projects
    Completed in 1 week. All materials provided and ready for kids to use and start building.
  • Exciting illustrated workbooks
    Kids read and complete off-line assignments and projects on their own, at their own pace.
  • Live teachers
    Students meet with teachers LIVE online each day for personal guidance with camp projects and assignments.
  • Detailed project videos
    Engaging and exciting videos help kids learn while progressing at their own pace. Always accessible.
  • Easy-to-use online platform
    Built top educators, the Skyrock learning is simple and intuitive for kids of all ages. Minimal supervision needed.
  • Daily Digital quizzes
    Ensuring kids absorb and retain skills that will allow them to advance to higher level courses.

Standards-linked projects and lesson material.

Kids learn skills they never forget

Projects are supported with lessons that explore the science phenomena they will learn in elementary school in ways they will never forget: through WOW moments of curiosity and excitement.

Lesson 1:
Simple Machines

Make a Scissor Monster and a catapult learning about levers and forces.

Lesson 2:
Electrical Circuits

Make a rocket paper circuit and fan of fortune learning about circuits, switches, and polarity.

Lesson 3:
Fluid Mechanics

Make a bubble bot and pneumatic monster learning about states of matter.

Lesson 4:

Make an thaumatrope, phenakistoscope and animation learning about optical illusions.

Lesson 5:
Artificial Light

Make a telescope, periscope, and spectroscope learning about properties of light.

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Ready to get started?

With sales and marketing training as well as a folder of professionally produced marketing materials, this is so much more than a toolkit. This is an ‘open and go’ product and revenue stream for your organization.

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Earth Extreme Explorers


Two weeks of  projects designed to immerse campers in an extreme STEAM experience kids will never forget.

Parents love STEAM camps because they help kids:

  • Develop lifelong skills
  • Improve collaboration
  • Boost future competence

Kids love STEAM camps because they get to:

  • Make new friends
  • Play with fun projects
  • Experiment with science

Learn from the best.
Skyrock teachers are top-tier educators in Taiwan, STEAM specialists, and creative pioneers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 30-hour course be completed over many weeks as 10 independent sessions?

Yes. Each session can be scheduled at a time of your choice and our team will work with you to build the program that best suits your needs. Some partners will choose to complete the program over 2 weeks in a bootcamp format, while others may just run 1 to 2 classes per week over several weeks/months.

Can Skyrock provide teachers for the live sessions?

It is possible to run this program using your own teachers, and we will provide them with all of the necessary resources and training to deliver the programs to a high standard. Skyrock can also provide you with our own instructors subject to availability.

When is the deadline to apply and engage in a partnership agreement?

There is no deadline for engaging in a partnership agreement, but please be aware it may take up to 1 week to fulfill orders of our STEAM Box curriculum. We would advise getting in touch at least two weeks in advance of a proposed start date – this would give us sufficient time to build out your program and help you to market it to your community.

Can I choose individual projects rather than a full set of 30 hours?

Each level of our STEAM Box curriculum comes as a set of 30 hours of curriculum, and it is not possible to pick and choose projects from within this. The student can complete the 30 hours of course work in bootcamp form (over 2-4 weeks of a camp) or in a weekly class over 15-20 weeks.

My teachers have no background in STEAM fields – will they be able to deliver these programs?

Absolutely. We have developed the program so that teachers without specific education in STEAM fields can deliver the programs to a high standard. We provide all of the resources and training they need, and our team is available to support them every step of the way.

Will the students need any assistance from their parents or can they complete the online course independently with assistance from one of my teachers?

Our Elementary programs do not require assistance from the parents, they just need to help the student login to the program, and the instructor will take it from there. The Kindergarten program requires more input from the parent and while the instructor will manage the majority of the class, it is important the parent is available in case of any issues.

In which locations is it possible to run a Skyrock powered STEAM course?

Since 2018, Skyrock has collaborated with a number of schools and learning centers around Taiwan and helped them to deliver cutting edge STEAM camps and classes during their Summer, Winter and their semester time classes. We are proud to say that we have maintained long lasting relationships with each and every partner we have worked with up to this point, and our aim is to grow our network of partners across Taiwan and the wider region.

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