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Feb 16 - Jun 25

Spring semester classes begin on Wednesday, February 16


18 Weeks

2 hours / week
36 hours over 18 weeks



Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths



Suitable for kids with or without previous STEAM experience

designed to ignite curiosity in kids

Introduce kids to the basics of design, engineering & invention.

Earth Explorers

9 Weeks of hands-on projects

In this exciting earth-themed STEAM course, kids will explore projects and lessons that help them not only understand the importance of our special planet earth, but give them the skills and understanding needed to continue exploring on their own and in school.

Some things we will do:

  • Directional language & Earth layers project
    Learn directional language by virtually flying around the world. Learn about Earth's four main layers by making a model and exploring its colorful layers.
  • Properties of materials & water cycle project
    Learn about thermal conductors and investigate which materials are the best. Learn about the water cycle by making a simple model to demonstrate it.
  • Code matching & Earthquake simulator project
    Learn about matching by creating a game. Learn about earthquakes by building model houses on a wobble surface to demonstrate earthquake effects.
  • Properties of materials & Moon phases project
    Make moon craters and learn about the hardness of different materials. Change the phases of the moon with a sliding shadow project.
  • Recording instructions & Volcano project
    Learn how to record coding instructions. Build a volcano to learn how volcanos are formed on Earth and what makes them they erupt.

Rainforest rangers

9 Weeks of hands-on projects

In this exciting ocean-themed STEAM course, kids will explore projects and lessons that help them not only understand the importance of our oceans, but give them the skills and understanding needed to dive deep into future ecological science programs.

Some things we will do:

  • Geometry & Quilted rock formation project
    Review basic geometry and learn the names and characteristics of shapes. Explore rocks composition by making artwork with natural dying techniques.
  •  Subtraction & Earth necklace project 
    Learn basic subtraction by counting out things you can find on Earth. Create a wearable pop art piece using crêpe paper and colorful beading.
  •  Measurement & Surprised collage project
    Learn to measure with and without a ruler. Make a layered jungle scene while exploring nature and basic decoupage techniques.
  • Sizes & Mr. moon project
    Learn to differentiate and sort sizes by putting things in the right order. Take inspiration from Andy Warhol and create a funky art project using crayon transfers.
  • Classification & Land Art project
    Learn about different living things on Earth and sort them into the correct categories. Looking at Andy Goldsworthy’s art, create a found object art piece using natural materials.

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Xinyi Anhe class time options:

Saturday 9:30am -11:30am
Saturday 12:30pm -2:30pm
Saturday 3pm -5pm

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Tianmu class time options:

Wednesday 4:30pm - 6:30pm

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Saturday 12:30pm -2:30pm

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Wednesday 5pm - 7pm
Friday 5pm - 7pm
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International steam specialists

Learn from the best in Taiwan.

Our teachers are experts in teaching internationalized standard aligned STEAM curriculums that exceed educational expectations. Schedule a LIVE Q&A today to meet a Skyrock teacher who can tell you all about the Skyrock experience!

Jamie Mccaffrey

Director of SteamBox development at Skyrock with a background in mechanical design, product development and manufacturing.

Tony Cornes

7 years teaching Biology as part of the IB Diploma at both standard and higher level with over 5 years as a Senior Examiner.

Simon Thomas

Architecture and Structural Engineering at University of Leeds. Masters in Education University of Bristol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please select a location and preferred course and starting date, and use the “enroll today” button to sign up and pay a deposit.

How much does it cost?

The semester costs NT$27,000 for 18 weeks. Parents should pay a 50% deposit of NT$13,500 upfront, and the remaining balance on April 1st.

Will the curriculum material for Mars, Ocean and Earth be the same as that taught during regular semester weekly classes?

Yes. For this reason, it will not be possible for kindergarten students to attend both Fall and Winter programs or Winter and Spring programs. Elementary students that came to our Fall classes can choose the Rainforest Rangers Winter Camp, and we will have new material for those Elementary age students in Spring.

So, there is new curriculum for Elementary but not for kindergarten age students for this camp?

Yes, this is correct.

Will it be possible to sign up and pay using Skyrock credits?

Absolutely – if you have Skyrock credits you wish to use, please fill in the form at the link below
[Use Skyrock credit]

How many students in a class?

There will be 10 students in each class. We have limited the number of classes we will open at each branch to minimize the total number of students present each day.

What happens if the Covid-19 situation worsens and the classes cannot run in-person due to a lockdown?

In the event of lockdown, Skyrock will provide the class online and the deposit can be used against the cost of the online program. For those customers who do not wish to avail of the online camp, their deposit can be kept in Skyrock credit for use against a future Skyrock class or camp.

What measures will be in place to ensure my child’s safety during class?

Skyrock will implement a range of health and safety measures to protect all students and teachers during camp. Please refer to our Health & Hygiene policy for further information.

Will all of the Skyrock teachers be vaccinated in advance of the in-person classes?