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Teacher Training and Resources
We train your teachers to prepare them for camp and provide all the lesson materials and lesson plans.
Market Support and Sales Training
We provide the resources to help promote and sell your camp and educate your sales team on how to sell STEAM camps.
Concierge Service
We’re here to help make sure you and your staff have everything you'll need to prepare and run your camp. We'll respond to any inquiries within 60 minutes.

STEAM Camp in a Box

We've taken our best hands-on STEAM and invention projects and lessons and packaged them in our STEAM Box™ for an off-the-shelf solution for your school to offer a specialized STEAM program to your students.   

25 hours of STEAM
making and learning

K2 - K3
Science concepts through STEAM play. We explore energy and electricity, light and how it travels through materials, reflection, colour, and motion.
GRD 1 - 2
This level starts to challenge kids’ dexterity levels, while introducing them to circuitry and switches using copper tape.
GRD 3 - 4
Kids start to hand wire their circuits and start to use both parallel and serial circuits and mechanics, exploring multiple degrees of freedom and coordinates.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Children loved it and for some of them it was the proudest I’ve ever seen them. One child who struggles to really engage with anything finished his bubble bot first, perfectly and he was so happy and proud."
– Lewis, Head of curriculum of Shane English School, Zhunan
"Can see light bulbs going on literally and metaphorically. Our younger-level class (1st graders), were able to complete the project with little to no assistance."
– Shawn, Owner of MIT English
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STEAM education is on the rise. Parents demand it and kids love it. 

We know that kids who fall in love with hands on making and inventing fall in love with learning. And we think this is an awesome opportunity for you to delight your customers and create additional revenue for your company.  

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