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An After-School Invention Club

Explore design thinking — Boost their creativity — Develop the maker mindset
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Hands on learning is powerful, but as kids get older it’s done less and less

Classroom time is focused on learning the right answer to closed questions.
Kids’ creativity as problem solvers isn’t practiced and it’s going unnoticed.
Modern design and engineering in schools is frequently taught by generalists not specialists.

At Skyrock, it’s ‘hands-on, minds-on' STEAM learning to spark all of the senses

Kids are always creating, experimenting and persisting as they learn from their failures.
We celebrate the creative talents of problem solvers and provide them with opportunities to express themselves.
Our teachers all have the maker spirit and are trained to creatively mentor your young inventor.
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Creative projects that are also linked to NGSS standards

We map projects to Physical Science and Engineering standards from the US and UK, as well as Art, Design, and even Maths standards too. The Young Inventors Club is true STEAM in action.
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A crash course in engineering and design thinking principles

Our school culture reinforces the Engineering Habits of Mind and Design Thinking framework as kids explore design and sketching, different materials, mechanics, the use of digital fabrication tools, and electronics.
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Kids appreciate the power of tools when solving problems

Our fully Equipped makerspaces have the latest digital tools, hardware, maker tools, and components and materials for kids to create freely… but with the power and leverage of machines!
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We’re thoughtful about your child’s coding journey

We use a personalized learning approach, where students progress at their own pace. The more skills they learn, the more badges they earn, and the faster they level up!
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Getting started is simple

You book a consultation to learn more about our spaces, process, and people.
We learn about your child’s needs and develop a personalized learning plan.
Your child joins at any time during the year and becomes a coding wizard!
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Here’s what some of our Coding Wizards have to say about our club

Before Skyrock Camp I could only do Block code. I learnt this week how to write script!
Avery, 13
I can now write my own apps! I can now write my own apps!
Seb, 13
“I was always fascinated by the presence of technology in our lives along with its potential to do good. This interest inspired me to learn how to code and discover how all these transformative things-of-awesomeness' come to existence so that I could learn how to create and partake in this revolution.”
Seb, Curriculum Developer

Here’s what some our awesome coaches have to say about coding

Unleash the Young Inventor in your child today

We’re on a mission to help them find their tech superpower, give them a boost of creative confidence, and remind them how fun it is to learn new skills so you make better things.
Take control of your child’s relationship with technology and reserve their space today.

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What is a tech club, and how is it different from a regular class?

TECH CLUBS are after-school and weekend clubs where kids learn to create, connect and collaborate with each other through technology and invention.

No textbooks, just projects, since we learn through making.
No tests, just showcases, since we work towards competitions or events.
No grades, just badges (like Scouts) and belts (like Martial Arts), since we like kids to learn at their own pace and feel free to be original.

In these clubs the students feel like they belong to something, have fun and make friends, and they are intrinsically motivated to be creative. The Tech club spirit is the secret ingredient for unlocking creativity and confidence in kids.

Each club has its own charter and values, social events and field trips, coaches and ambassadors, and uniform and equipment.Our tech clubs will be replacing all classes and programs.

How do I get started?

1. Download our curriculum and schedule to pick the club that’s right for you.
2. Complete the registration form to reserve your space.
3. Review FAQs to understand how Tech Clubs work.
4. Make a payment and begin.
New students are encouraged to begin with a 1-hour induction to the club and then sign up if they like it.

What are the different options to choose from?

We currently have 5 clubs for elementary schools kids:
Young Inventors Club - Making
Code Wizards - Coding
Game Creators - Game
Machine Makers - Robotics
Fashion Engineers: Fashion tech
We also have the Nano STEAM Club for kids aged 4-6 years old, and the Mega Coding club for kids aged 11-14.

What is the learning style?

The MIT professor and founder of Scratch, Mitch Resnik, recently published a book showing how a creative learning experience is made up of Projects, Peers, Passion, and Play. We fundamentally agree with him.
We believe that the child that is doing the most making and inventing is the child that is doing the most learning.Our coaches are there to make sure they are challenged, that they are learning something new always, and that they are pushed to do the most creative work they’ve ever done before.

Are clubs taught in English, Chinese, or both?

Classes are predominantly taught in English. When stated otherwise or specifically requested, class will be taught by a bilingual coach or by an English-speaking coach with a Chinese-speaking teaching assistant.

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